Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So what the fuck am I good for?

Lately, it seems like I can't fuckin' talk to anybody.

Anything I say gets brushed aside like I'm some sort of ear-polluting plague which Darwinism should have wiped out at least a couple decades ago? I know it's excruciating to bring myself to say anything sometimes, but am I that fucking hard to talk to, really? Why the fuck do I even open my mouth to speak sometimes. Yeah, I know I'm attractive in some ways, but what the hell does that matter. Any effort I make, is never good enough.

Am I destined to go through the rest of my life feeling utterly, despairingly alone?

The few people I do care about seem to slip through my fingers as grains of sand through time. And when I desperately try to hold on, it slips ever faster and further away.

Hey, if you wanna push me away that badly, fine.

You fucking heartless bastards.

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